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Private Jet Charter and Jet Connections seal joint venture

Private Jet Charter and Jet Connections seal joint venture at Dubai Airshow 2015

Private Jet Charter (PJC), one of the world’s largest independent private jet charter brokers, sealed a joint venture (JV) deal with Jet Connections, an international company specialising in private aircraft management, sales and acquisition, on the final day of the Dubai Airshow.

The new joint venture will offer aircraft management services to the region’s fleet of 395 business jets, and later in the year expand to parts of Europe and Africa.

According to Market Forecast 2014- 2033 report published by the Bombardier Business Aircraft, the world’s largest manufacturer of planes and trains, the region’s fleet of business jets could grow to 745 by 2023 and 1,405 by 2033.

Through its regional headquarters in Dubai, PJC will team up with Jet Connections, headquartered in London Oxford Airport, to cover all aspects of aircraft management, including maintenance, catering, staffing, clearance at airports, as well as purchases, trading and selling of aircraft. Both companies, which are in the market for the past 25 years, are upbeat about the prospect for dynamic growth of the industry.

“There is a strong demand among aircraft owners to outsource different requirements, from the initial process of purchasing the aircraft to all other aspects of maintenance, catering, staffing, clearance at airports, etc.,” says Hugh Courtenay, Founder and Chief Executive, PJC. “This should be viewed against the phenomenal growth witnessed by the aircraft management industry. This partnership with Jet Connections will complement our core business at PJC.”

“The joint venture will give us access to the global network of Private Jet Charter, thus enabling us to provide our clients with world class services,” says Zaher Deir, Managing Director, Jet Connections. “By utilising the global reach of Private Jet Charter, with offices in London, Nice, Moscow, Florida, Dubai and Jeddah, the new JV will cover Middle East, and later Africa and India.”

The new JV will further boost the confidence of private jet users across the Middle East region, according to Courtenay. He said that the strong reputation enjoyed by both companies in the industry will ensure the success of the new JV. “Aircraft owners can maximise their investments by putting their aircraft out for charter through the new JV. We are delighted to combine our strengths with the expertise of Jet Connections expertise in aircraft management, leasing, and sales,” said Courtenay.

“The new JV is a value addition to the aircraft industry especially for jet owners in the Middle East. Through this new partnership, jet owners would be able to benefit from competitive rates while purchasing jets, hiring crew, managing the catering on board, as well as leasing, in addition to ease in charter clearing at airports and issuance of flying licenses,” added Courtenay.

For over 20 years, Private Jet Charter has been providing air charter services to personal and business clients. The company’s vast and extensive experience in aircraft charter has made it one of the leading private jet rental providers in the Middle East. On the other side, Jet Connections has represented, marketed and sold aircraft for clients on a global scale.

“We understand how to maximise our clients’ assets value to ensure the best return on investment. The commitment, detailed market analysis, a deep understanding of global aircraft sales and comprehensive end user and broker network will surely make this a very fruitful partnership,” concluded Deir.